Exemptions and Exclusions under the FairTax

What’s going to keep tax exemptions and exclusions from undermining the FairTax system?

That’s a fair question. The goal of the FairTax system is to tax everyone fairly. The same tax will apply to everyone and the few exemptions and exclusions that are written into the bill will apply to everyone, as well. Because of this transparency any attempt to tinker with the tax code will also effect everyone. Lawmakers will no longer be able to use the tax code to divide and conquer the people of this country by excluding or exempting certain groups from paying certain taxes, or heaping additional taxes onto specific groups. Because the tax is collected at the retail level at the point of consumption it applies across the board and the power to manipulate the code, and thus the people, simply goes away. Will it be possible for politicians to tinker with the FairTax? Only if we, as a people, let them.

Ray Stevens – We the People

I’ve been a fan of Ray Stevens since I was old enough to laugh, and he has done it again with this new music video titled, “We the People.” Granted, there’s nothing funny about the subject matter or the message, but Ray Stevens has a funny way of dealing with serious matters.  I foresee this becoming the theme song for a lot of us in the coming months.  Anybody who doesn’t love Ray is just not a Straight Up American.