Still a Romantic at Heart

On this day in 1991 Barbara Gayle sealed her fate when she uttered those two little words that change everything, “I do.” Funny thing is, when the day began neither of us had any idea what fate had in store.

I had asked her to marry me and she had said yes. We had no plans in place for when or where or how, but over breakfast that morning we decided to drive into town and start the process of the blood tests. We figured it would take several days and be one less thing to deal with later. We looked up a laboratory in the Yellow Pages and headed out.

Being so close to Christmas, the lab wasn’t very busy and to our surprise the technician said, “We’ll have your results in about an hour if you want to come back.” So, an hour later we stopped at the drive-through window, picked up our results, and learned that science agreed we were a good match.

It was still not yet Noon, and this had been way too easy, so we decided to go downtown to the courthouse and start the process of obtaining a marriage license. We figured it would take several days and be one less thing to deal with later. After filling out the proper paperwork the clerk presented us with our license and then proposed, “Being the Friday before Christmas, there’s almost nothing going on. One of the Judges upstairs might be available.”

So, we went upstairs and sure enough one of the Judges was available. They were having their office Christmas party. They shared Christmas punch and cookies with us. And, after a brief ceremony the Judge pronounced us husband and wife.

Neither of us could’ve ever imagined being married in such a way, but fate sometimes leads us down the right path according to its own schedule. We have indeed loved, honored and cherished each other in good times and in bad, in sickness and in health, for better and for worse. For over eighteen years she has been my best friend, my trusted confidant and my one true love.

Regardless of how casually our marriage may have begun it is the solid foundation upon which the rest of my being stands. Her love is the burning ember within my heart that keeps the light from being extinguished. And the privilege of loving her is the compass by which I strive to be the man she deserves.

When you wake from restful slumber presume not what lies in store.
But choose right at every crossroads and arrive at destiny’s door.


Tim Couch
SARAH (Still A Romantic At Heart:)