No More News

The idea for began during the run-up to the last Presidential election. Tired of having to decipher the news from every angle we thought it was time for a news source that simply presented information without agenda. The idea was to provide unvarnished and un-inclined news reports that were verified as actual and factual. After months of chasing leads, verifying facts, and vetting sources we have come to the conclusion that it can not be done.

Everyone has an agenda. Every source, even those who want to be fair, incline their version of the events to suit their idea of what happened, what was meant, and what was inferred. There simply is no trustworthy news source any longer. Fox News says they’re “Fair and Balanced” but they’re not. They obviously lean to the right, but they have to if there is to be any sense of balance because MSN, CBS, ABC, NY Times, etc, etc, are all leaning so heavily to the left.

With the assistance of the Internet many Americans have taken to getting their American news by reading foreign news sources online. They tell us the reporting is more impartial and honest than any domestic source they can find. And, we can not disagree. Finding the truth in the American news system is like grasping smoke. You can work hard at it all day long but in the end all you get is sweaty and stinky.

So, will continue as your source for political and societal commentary, life lessons and personal musings. But, we will no longer be chasing the rabbit of truth in the news. It is far too quick and elusive and invariably leads down a rabbit hole.


Tim Couch