Woodall Re-Introduces Fairtax Bill

On day one of the 112th Congress of these United States Congressman Rob Woodall (GA-07) re-introduced H.R. 25, the bill better known as the FairTax. Remarkably, the bill was introduced with a record number of co-sponsors. Below is a press release announcing the re-introduction of the bill and a list of its current co-sponsors. If your CongressPerson is not on the list please contact them and ask them why. The FairTax plan is definitely our best shot and possibly our last chance to actually turn our economy around. Links to contact your elected representative are below:

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Press Release | Jan. 5, 2011 | U. S. Rep Rob Woodall

Posted on Thursday, January 06, 2011 5:52:22 AM by phil_will1

Washington, DC—On Wednesday, January 5, 2011, Congressman Rob Woodall (GA-07) introduced H.R. 25, the FairTax. The FairTax legislation eliminates the current income tax paradigm and replaces it with a system of taxation based on consumption. The bill was introduced on Wednesday with 47 original co-sponsors—the most original co-sponsors the bill has ever had for its initial introduction.

“I committed to the Seventh District of Georgia that my efforts in Congress would focus on reclaiming freedom for the American people. It is for that reason that I am proud to make the FairTax—the only bill that restores transparency and simplicity to our tax code—my very first action in Congress. I have said since its inception that the FairTax is not a tax bill; it is a freedom bill,” Woodall said.

Woodall, who was sworn-in to Congress earlier in the day, played an integral role in crafting the original text of the FairTax as former Congressman John Linder’s Chief of Staff when the bill was originally introduced in 1999.

“Our current tax system is a bloated, convoluted mess that gives government power over Americans’ pockets. With 47 Members of Congress and counting signing their names to the FairTax, we are closer than ever before to voting on legislation that eliminates the frustrating mess that is the IRS.”

Although the FairTax was introduced with 47 original co-sponsors, Woodall anticipates adding many more Members of Congress to the bill. Once the FairTax is introduced with the original co-sponsors, Members are able to sign on to the bill as co-sponsors throughout the 112th Congress.

“The number of signatures on the FairTax this time around is a testament to the will of the people. It is clear that Americans do not want to have their hard-earned money taken away and they want to reclaim the freedom to spend their money how they choose and when they choose.”

The list of original co-sponsors is as follows:

1) Tom Price (GA)

2) Brian Bilbray (CA)

3 ) John Carter (TX)

4 ) Michael Conaway (TX)

5 ) John Duncan (TN)

6) Virginia Foxx (NC)

7) Steve King (IA)

8 ) Michael McCaul (TX)

9) Pete Olson (TX)

10 ) John Sullivan (OK)

11 ) Mac Thornberry (TX)

12) Phil Gingrey (GA)

13) Roscoe Bartlett (MD)

14) Don Young (AK)

15) Ander Crenshaw (FL)

16) Todd Akin (MO)

17) Lynn Westmoreland (GA)

18) Tom Graves (GA)

19) Gus Bilirakis (FL)

20) Ted Poe (TX)

21) Randy Neugebauer (TX)

22) Jeff Miller (FL)

23) Robert Wittman (VA)

24) Jack Kingston (GA)

25) Marlin Stutzman (IN)

26) Jeff Flake (AZ)

27) Billy Long (MO)

28) Cliff Stearns (FL)

29) Tim Walberg (MI)

30) Dennis Ross (FL)

31) Dan Boren (OK)

32) Mo Brooks (AL)

33) Darrell Issa (CA)

34) Richard Nugent (FL)

35) Tim Scott (SC)

36) Blake Farenthold (TX)

37) Jeff Duncan (SC)

38) Rob Bishop (UT)

39) Mike Pence (IN)

40) Sandy Adams (FL)

41) John Mica (FL)

42) Sue Wilkins Myrick (NC)

43) Dan Burton (IN)

44) John Culberson (TX)

45) James Lankford (OK)

46) Mike Pompeo (KS)

47) Gary Miller (CA)
— Jennifer Drogus Communications Director Congressman-elect Rob Woodall
Seventh District of Georgia 202.225.4272 | jennifer.drogus@mail.house.gov

The FairTax may very well be the most important legislation of our time, but it will only become law through the persistent insistence of the people of this country. It’s not good politics, but it is good for the American people. Contact your representatives today insist they do what’s right for our Country! Here are those links again:

Use this link to easily find your congressman’s phone number ->  http://bit.ly/contactcongr


Use this link to send them a quick email. ->    http://bit.ly/ftcongress

Online Tax Revolt

Online Tax Revolt - March For AmericaI was in a meeting the other night and one of the guys cheerfully proclaimed, “I’m getting a tax refund this year!”

I tried to explain that the government was only sending him back his own money, less any interest he could have earned on it. He wasn’t being given anything. But, it didn’t seem to matter. He was getting a check from the government.

I came home and logged on to Facebook. There was a post by my niece, “Yay!! We’re getting our tax refund on Friday!”

I don’t get it. How have we allowed ourselves to be convinced that a tax refund is a good thing? That means that during the past year you paid more taxes than you should have. The government used your money, or more properly misused it, and now they are going to send you a little portion of it back. And forget about the interest you could have made on that money. The Gov doesn’t pay interest. That’s just gone. Except, of course, that they earned interest on it while they had it, and they keep that money.

Why are we still putting up with this nonsense? Income tax was not part of the original plan. Every system of taxation that exists today existed back in 1787. If income tax were a good idea it would have been included in the Consitution from the beginning. But, it’s not a good idea. In fact, it is a horrible idea. The harder you work, the more they take. The more you earn, the more they take. The more you have, the more they take. It punishes us for striving to do what our natural instincts drive us to do, succeed.

It’s time to stop the madness. In 1913 the government pulled the wool over the eyes of our grandfathers and great-grandfathers when they convinced them that a tax on income was necessary. Now, generations later, we are still wearing that wool. Only now it’s grown wet and stinky and too heavy to carry any longer. It’s time to say, “Enough.”

There is an Online Tax Revolt going on right now, and you can join in and add your voice to those of your family, friends and neighbors from all over the Country. It’s free to join. It’s a virtual march on Washington that began last week and will culminate with an actual march that will take place on April 15. You can participate in the virtual march online or you are most welcome to actually go to Washington and be a part of the historic event in April. Do one, or do both, but for the sake of our Country and the future of our grandchildren please do something.

Go to Online Tax Revolt.com and sign up right now.

Join the Online Tax Revolt today!


Tim Couch

Send a FairTax Tea Bag to Washington

Send this tea bag to Washington
Send this tea bag to Washington

There has been a lot of noise made recently about sending tea bags to Washington to express our growing concerns about unfair and exorbitant taxes. While I think this is a great idea in theory it is not very practical. For one thing the  tea bags will likely not get past the security measures at the Post Office, and for another you would be paying yet another tax in the form of postage to get it there.

Here is the next best thing to inundating our elected officials with an office full of tea bags. Inundate their inboxes with thousands of images of tea bags.  Be sure and include a message regarding your concerns about our tax system. Be respectful, as you would to your neighbor, but not submissive. They need to understand how you feel.

You can find contact links to your elected officials, both Federal and State, by going to the Congress.org web site. Just type in your zip code and you’re off.

For your convenience here is my favorite tea bag image. Feel free to use it or find your own favorite. You can find lots of tea bag images here.

Supporting your government is a duty; taxation is a burden; excessive taxation is tyranny.  Let Freedom Ring.


Tim Couch

The FairTax is coming round the bend

Did you ever get that prickly feeling at the back of your neck and you just knew something was going to happen? When you were a kid playing around the railroad tracks did you ever put your ear to the track and you knew that something, not too far off, was coming? Did you ever wake up in the middle of the night with that uneasy, but not uncomfortable, feeling that things were about to change? Well, you weren’t wrong.

That prickle at the back of your neck is the feeling of imminent change; that uneasiness is the anticipation of a new direction; and yes, that almost imperceptible vibration you’re feeling is the train coming around the bend and bringing with it, the FairTax.

On Tuesday, March 17, 2009, from 6:00 to 7:00 PM, Iowa Congressman Steve King will host a ‘Special Order‘ hour of non-legislative debate on the FairTax bill (HR 25, S 296). This event will be televised on C-Span.

If you are not yet familiar with the FairTax plan this will be an excellent opportunity to find out what’s the big deal. Tune in to this televised event to find out not only what the FairTax is about, but also to get an idea of the ignorant, self-serving, and political arguments against it. Should be fun for everyone.

To learn more about the FairTax bill visit www.FairTax.org

To get involved in supporting the FairTax visit FairTaxNation and/or ZapTheIRS.

The money you earn and pay in taxes determines the extent to which the government controls your life. Isn’t it time you had a say in how much that is? Become informed. Get involved. Be a citizen.


Tim Couch

FairTax Rally, April 15, 2009, Columbia, SC

Learn more about The FairTax
Learn more about The FairTax

The FairTax is an idea whose time has come, and the drumbeats are getting louder. On April 15, in Columbia, South Carolina those drumbeats are going to be heard all over the U.S.

SCFairTax.org and AFFT(Americans For Fair Taxation) will co-host a FairTax “Save the Nation” Rally at the Township Auditorium located at 1703 Taylor Street in Columbia, SC. The doors will open at 4:30 PM, with the event starting at 5:30 and concluding by 7:00 PM. Reservations are free, required, and can be made here: FairTax.org.

There will be a number of FairTax All-Stars appearing at this event including GOP presidential candidate and Fox TV host, Gov. Mike Huckabee, Neal Boortz, radio host of The Neal Boortz Show and co-author of the FairTax books, and Ken Hoagland, National Communications Director from Americans for Fair Taxation, and many more (final schedule and speaker list is still being finalized).

The goal for this event is to bring national attention to the FairTax concept and to introduce the South Carolina FairTax Act which will be introduced in the legislature this year. This rally is scheduled to coincide with the Legislative session and is intended to send a strong and clear signal to all South Carolina Legislators that the citizens of South Carolina demand true tax reform in the form of new FairTax legislation, not just minor tinkering with the current convoluted and illogical accumulation of laws and regulations.

Fund raising is underway to generate enough money to air four weeks of radio broadcasts prior to the event. Options for other media are being explored as well.

Given the current state of our economy this event may well be the tipping point of the FairTax movement. Make plans now to attend this potentially historical event.