Survivor – Easter Bunny

A very lucky Easter Bunny
A very lucky Easter Bunny


Happy Easter! Or, as B.G. says, “Happy Eather Bunny!”

Well, I imagine by now you’ve had your fill of Easter eggs and chocolate bunnies and you’ve probably heard all about the resurrection of Jesus, so I thought I’d just tell you how I nearly killed the Easter Bunny yesterday.

See, I have this thing about mowing the grass. I’m pretty sure it stems from my childhood. I have two brothers, an older and a younger, and when we were growing up the grass got mowed as a result of something. The brother who did the mowing had either lost a competition to the other two, or was being punished for something he had done. A third possible reason was simple torture, but in actuality my parents are saints and tortured us far less than we deserved. So basically, he who mowed the grass was either a loser or a criminal. As a result of this mindset I tend to put off mowing as long as possible.

Yesterday I finally dragged the mower out of mothballs and set out to mow. I had been at it a while and whittled it down to a small area in the front yard. The grass was tall and thick and I was going very slowly when all of a sudden the ground erupted in bunnies. A doe rabbit had chosen the spot to build her nest and had so well camouflaged it that I never saw it. If the babies hadn’t panicked and sprang from the nest I would’ve mowed right over them and the mulching mower would’ve sucked them right up into the blade. If breaking a mirror gets you seven years of bad luck I wonder what mowing baby bunnies on Easter Eve would amount to.

In the end I chased them down, tucked them back into the nest, and mowed around it. I went out today to check on them and the nest was empty and they were nowhere to be found. Their mother came in the night and carried them all away to safety. That’s the scenario I have chosen and I’d prefer not to hear any alternative ones, thank you very much.

So, what’s the moral of this story? Don’t take the Easter Bunny for granted? Don’t put things off too long? Mower’s not always better? I have no idea. I’m just glad I didn’t have to scrape baby bunnies out from under my mower.

Until next time, look on the Lighter side of life.


Tim Couch