Send a FairTax Tea Bag to Washington

Send this tea bag to Washington
Send this tea bag to Washington

There has been a lot of noise made recently about sending tea bags to Washington to express our growing concerns about unfair and exorbitant taxes. While I think this is a great idea in theory it is not very practical. For one thing the  tea bags will likely not get past the security measures at the Post Office, and for another you would be paying yet another tax in the form of postage to get it there.

Here is the next best thing to inundating our elected officials with an office full of tea bags. Inundate their inboxes with thousands of images of tea bags.  Be sure and include a message regarding your concerns about our tax system. Be respectful, as you would to your neighbor, but not submissive. They need to understand how you feel.

You can find contact links to your elected officials, both Federal and State, by going to the web site. Just type in your zip code and you’re off.

For your convenience here is my favorite tea bag image. Feel free to use it or find your own favorite. You can find lots of tea bag images here.

Supporting your government is a duty; taxation is a burden; excessive taxation is tyranny.  Let Freedom Ring.


Tim Couch

the Guys

I took my truck in to have some service work done this morning. After dropping it off I walked down to the local McDonald’s for breakfast. Just as I was finishing off a second McMuffin my phone rang, and as these things go my one hour service job suddenly became a three hour repair job. As I had some time on my hands I took the opportunity to do a little people watching.

I had taken up temporary residence in a quiet corner of the restaurant where I had a pretty good view of the action. I watched as the customers came and went. I observed the bustle behind the counter as the employees went about their business. It was all pretty ordinary fare for a Friday morning McDonald’s, even down to the “Guys.”

The Guys are as much a staple of McDonald’s as is Ronald. No matter where in the world you go to a McDonald’s restaurant, during a particular part of the day, most every day of the week you will find, the Guys. They are a group of men, usually retired but not always, who gather over cups of steaming coffee for discussion. They sit and sip coffee and discuss current events and politics and philosophy and girls and cars and physical ailments and absent friends and whatever else comes up. And, at some point someone will approach their table and with genuine cheer they will say, “Hi Guys!”

But, there was something different about the Guys this morning. Maybe it was the way they were positioned around the table that made it look more like a Board meeting than a gathering of the Guys. Perhaps it was their obvious ease with their surroundings that made them seem somehow, authoritative. I watched them, these silver haired elders, as they discussed the current topic with energy and animation. It occurred to me that if you replaced the baseball caps and the denim and fleece and flannel and tennis shoes with expensive suits, shirts, ties, and dress shoes, and then if you plucked these men from their seats and deposited them around a conference table in a swank office they would look exactly like the men of Congress and other politicians that we see on television.

And why couldn’t they be? What’s the difference between these men sitting around a table at McDonald’s, and the men and women on Capitol Hill whom we entrust to make decisions that effect our lives and the lives of our children? Is it intelligence? I don’t think so. This Country is swarming with intelligent people, and our politicians have not proven to be exceptionally intelligent or insightful. Is it wealth? Some of the wealthiest have tried and couldn’t get elected. The only difference between the Guys at McDonald’s and the Guys on the Hill is connections. Those with the connections get the votes.

So, why do we entrust them with our lives? The Guys at McDonald’s looked like a smart upstanding group of men, but I wouldn’t entrust them with my life or the future of my children. And yet, that’s exactly what we do with the Guys on the Hill every day. We elect ’em and forget ’em, and then if our lives aren’t better when the next election cycle comes around we elect someone else who promises change. The change we need is not going to come from government or occur within government. The change is going to have to come from us. Ideas, Solutions, Insistence; that is the change we need.

The time is come to pay attention, to step up, and to make your voice heard. Stop looking to government for the answers. Government doesn’t hold the answers; government holds the purse strings, and as long as it does you are at its mercy. Learn about the FairTax plan. It returns control of your money to you. It’s our best hope of restoring sanity to our government. And, it will only happen when enough people rise up and demand it.


Tim Couch

Video of FairTax debate in Congress

The ‘Special Order’ non-legislative debate on the FairTax plan hosted by Iowan Congressman Steve King marked a milestone moment in the FairTax movement. The bill (HR 25, S 296) now has fifty-one co-sponsors from both sides of the political aisle in Washington, more co-sponsors than ever before. This is a grass-roots movement with legs that will eventually become law. The only question that still exists is how much damage will the politicians do before the people insist on the passage of this bill.

The full video of the ‘Special Order’ debate is below. The first few minutes will give you a good idea of what the FairTax is about. Give it a listen. It’s good stuff.