Great Expectations


I hope your day is a malted milk ball day, just cause I like ’em.

I recently attended a School of Instruction where I overheard an interesting question. The school was on Masonic Ritual and several current and past ritual instructors were present. For demonstration’s sake some of these instructors were asked to perform parts of our ritual and believe it or not, mistakes and errors were made. The question that I found interesting was, “If all these ritual instructors can’t do it perfectly, then how can you expect us mortal Masons to do it perfectly,” or something like that.

What struck me as interesting had nothing to do with Masonic ritual, but instead the question of expectations. The person asking the question apparently felt that the level of ritual proficiency to which he was expected to rise was determined by someone else. And I wondered, how much of our lives do we live according to the expectations of others? Do we measure our successes or failures by how well we live up to their expectations? And, if I strive only to live up to the expectations others have of me, do I not run the risk of falling short of my full potential? If I allow someone else to determine what’s expected of me, am I not denying myself a basic freedom of being?

Sure, society places certain expectations on all of us: live within the law of the land, tolerate and be tolerable to your neighbors, wash behind your ears, etc. But, those are simply the parameters we accept in choosing to live in a civilized society. Beyond that, though, is a boundless and limitless world of possibilities and expectations in which you get to choose.

You get to choose what is truly important to you. You choose in what and to what level you excel. You determine what brings you fulfillment, and happiness, and joy. It’s a freedom, a basic human right and responsibility, to set the expectations of your life and you should not relinquish that right nor concede that responsibility to anyone.

That being said, I expect you’d like me to get on with it. So, I will. Have a good week, and spread Light and delight wherever you go.

Cordially yours,

Tim Couch