How much will the FairTax be?

So, just how much will the FairTax be? The estimated percentage rate of the FairTax is 23% as an inclusive tax, and 30% as an exclusive tax. What’s the difference, you ask? That’s a very good question, and one that I think our good friend Denis Calabrese can answer better than I. Please give a listen to the short video below and it will all become clear.

How will the FairTax be collected?

Under the FairTax plan there will be no IRS. There will in fact be no need for the IRS because there will be no federal income taxes to collect or returns to file. Forty-five States today already collect sales taxes, so it will require no major adjustments for those States to also collect the FairTax. Have a listen as Denis Calabrese explains how the FairTax will be collected.