Inauguration Desperation

by Tim Couch

I watched in wonder this morning as our 44th President took the oath to preserve, protect, and defend our Constitution. It was truly a moving site to see that sea of people gathered to witness the peaceful transition of power. But, as I watched and wondered at all those smiling faces and flag-waving hands my mind shifted and I found myself wondering………..

“Why aren’t these people at work?”

Everyone I know who has a job or a business was working. How are we going to rise above our current situation if millions of people all take the day off at the same time? I know, this is an historic event that our grandchildren will some day point to and say, “My Grandpa was there.” Well, in the immortal words of Seinfeld, “yadda, yadda, yadda.”

Hopefully, our grandchildren are going to look upon this event and say, “So what?” This is an historic event for us and for generations past. But, for future generations, and again I say hopefully, a President of African or any other descent will be so universally accepted that they will not understand why we made such a to-do about it.

I understand the desire to celebrate, “The Change We Need” and all that. And, I hope and pray that there is reason for all of us to celebrate soon, I really do. But, what I saw today seemed more a veneer of celebration to conceal desperation. And frankly, desperation makes more sense.

What worries me, and should worry us all, is that so many people seem to think President Obama is simply going to sweep in and make everything good. He’ll wave his magic wand and suddenly our global neighbors will understand that we meant well all along. He’ll smile his winning smile and the Islamic extremists will shrug and put down their weapons. He’ll snap his fingers and we’ll suddenly be energy independent, well educated, and every pot will have a chicken in it. People don’t seem to realize that the work has yet to begin, and we are all going to have to take part in the forming of the future. Government is not the answer. It is a tool that if used properly will assist us in building the future we all want. Government is like a floor buffer. If we the people control it our Country will shine like never before, but if we just turn it loose it will tear up everything in its path.

So, celebrate today. Party hardy! Because tomorrow the real work begins.