Mike Huckabee – “Do the Right Thing” Book Review

I just finished reading Governor Mike Huckabee’s latest book, “Do the Right Thing,” and man am I pissed. Why didn’t I learn more about this guy before the Presidential election last November?

In “Do the Right Thing” Governor Huckabee tells the story of the amazing campaign to make him the Republican candidate for the 44th Presidency of the United States. I don’t refer to it as “his campaign” because, as he readily acknowledges, it was not just his. It was a campaign carried out by a small army of passionate volunteers, small donors, and dedicated staff members. In the end Mike Huckabee won eight States, more than four million votes, and was the only candidate left standing before conceding the nomination to John McCain. And, the beauty of the Huckabee campaign is that they accomplished so much while spending pennies compared to the dollars the other major candidates were spending. The story of the campaign is in itself a lesson on how government should be run.

In the first half of the book Governor Huckabee recounts many stories from the campaign trail, from the lady who insisted he accept her wedding ring as a contribution because she had nothing else to give and believed the campaign was that important, to the truck driver who overcame fear of public speaking to stand up before a crowded auditorium and tell why he supported Mike Huckabee. He tells of his upbringing in Hope, Arkansas. He tells what he believes and why, and how he came to believe it. And, he shows that he understands the problems we face as a people and as a nation. Then, in the second half of the book he offers some common sense solutions to some of those problems.

Mike Huckabee supports the FairTax. I’ve been a FairTax supporter since I first learned of it about three years ago. I have to admit that when he first came out in favor of the FairTax I thought it was just a campaign ploy. I thought he was just a candidate trying to attach himself to a growing grass roots movement. But, after reading this book I can see that he truly does understand the benefits and implementation of the FairTax plan. It’s not just lip service. And, more importantly he is actually willing to scrap the IRS and start over with an entirely new system. As he puts it, “a twist of the screwdriver or a tap of the hammer,” is not going to fix our tax system. Nothing is. Our tax system is broken and it’s time for a totally new structure.

Mike Huckabee recognizes the difference between a health care system and a disease care system. In a disease care system, our current system, people receive medical care when they’re sick and doctors receive payment for treating sick people. In a health care system people receive benefits for staying healthy and doctors get paid for helping them stay healthy. We need to move from a disease treatment system to a disease preventive system. Or, as he quotes a doctor friend of his, “We need to quit treating snakebites and start killing some snakes.”

Finally, and I think most importantly, Mike Huckabee recognizes that real change can not be realized in the course of a four year term. True change takes years, possibly generations, and true leaders of vision do not limit themselves to the changes they can make and get credit for during their term in office.

It’s these logical, common sense solutions and the apparent integrity of the man that make me wish I’d learned more about him before the election. I wholeheartedly recommend that you get this book. Read it thoroughly, and listen not just to what Mike Huckabee says but to what comes through in how he says it.

I’m going to be watching him closely over the next few years, and I encourage you to do the same, but for now I gotta say, “I like Mike!”

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