Good Luck Mr. Obama

Dear President-Elect Obama,

Like a lot of Americans I have spent a big portion of the last twenty-one months following the Presidential campaign. Throughout those long months I listened and I watched and I read. I came to see that you believed in your message of change and hope, and that you were campaigning with the very best of intentions. I also came to see that John McCain was a man of undeniable honor and loyalty to this Country who would never forsake her. I prayed for guidance and I appraised my own convictions. In the end I voted for John McCain because I believed he was the right man at the right time in our history. My mistake, I now realize was in thinking that it mattered who won.

As I watched the election unfold my heart sank. I could not believe what I was seeing and hearing. I was literally dumbfounded. I was sure that in the end my fellow Americans would awake from their stupor and realize what was at stake, but it never happened. I slept almost not at all that night. I lay awake imagining life in our Country if you were to actually deliver all that you promised. But, in the morning light I realized – you can’t.

I realized that I had bought in to all the rhetoric, all the fluffy white campaign promises. I saw that the campaign, though entertaining and dramatic, was unreal. I understood that real life is what happens after the election is over, and that in our current situation worrying about who is sitting in the Oval Office is like worrying about getting fleas from the pit-bull that’s about to take your head off.

Now that you have won the election I find myself worrying about you. Not about you being President, but what it means that so many Americans voted for promises of State welfare. What does it say about us as a nation that a majority of our citizens would rather take from others than earn for themselves? What does it say about our future as a nation that a majority of our citizens are eager to relinquish their lives to bureaucratic control? What does it mean for our President-elect who has promised to provide so much?

I worry about you, Mr. Obama, because while I believe you have spent the last twenty-one months courting Lady Liberty I fear that what you have won is an insatiable whore. Good luck Mr. Obama.


Tim Couch

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  1. Greetings Tim!

    I too voted for John McCain. I’ve always liked John. He dared cross the aisle many a time. And at no time was his sincerity in doubt to me.

    I don’t believe that Obama is a bad man…or a man bent on manipulation or subterfuge. I think he genuinely believes in a mission. Whether he can truly deliver on his hopes …for all of our hopes…is what was in question for me.

    I don’t subscribe to hatred between men. Thus, I looked for the good in both men…both Americans. Time and again, I glimpsed the flaws in each man. But it takes real purpose to strive so hard … to reach so far. I did not doubt their individual ideals and determination.

    As long as America has at least two parties in its political system, then I am happy with it. We must, as Americans, entertain the freedom of dissent. We must argue. We must disagree. If at any time Americans decide on only one truth…then we are a tyranny of thought.

    I’m glad we have an African American President for once. I voted for McCain only in light of his experience. Perhaps, the country will find healing as MLK hoped for, and so many others.

    There it is again. Hope. We hoped before we voted. We hope now. We can still make our voices heard…in some corners anyway. But we must not court America as a whore…but as a Hope…which America always was.

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